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Bake for Bliss

Want to host a Bake for Bliss sale in 2018?

We need lots of bakers to host a sale and raise some dough in 2018.  Get your friends and family involved and ask people to make a donation in return for your amazing baked goodies. It is a great social event and a chance to raise money for Bliss at the same time. 

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Where do I host a sale?

Host a bake sale at your home, workplace, school or anywhere that you would like to.  Some of our bakers choose to host bake sales at different locations on different dates to raise even more money.

When do I host a sale?

Anytime!  You can host a Bake for Bliss sale at any time that suits you!  Just pick a date that lots of people will be around for and let us know.

How does Bliss support me?

When you sign up for Bake for Bliss we will send you our pack which contains all the information you need to host a sale.  Tell us the date of your sale and we will also send you extra materials for your sale including cake toppers, paper bunting, a t-shirt and other goodies. 

We are also here to help with every step of your bake sale.  Check out our top tips for holding a great Bake for Bliss sale and download our poster, bunting, invites and pricing labels.

You can also chat with other bakers in our Bake for Bliss Facebook group.

How will the money I raise support Bliss's work?

The money you raise will support our ambition to reach every baby needing neonatal care by 2019. We provide families with emotional and practical support as well as working with health professionals to ensure neo-natal care is of the highest standard. We also campaign for change to ensure high quality care is available and support £10.1million of research to help improve the care and treatment of premature or sick babies. Your donation will help us continue with this vital work.

Sounds great, how do I host a sale?

Click on the sign up button below.  To receive your extra goodies be sure to tell us the date of your sale!  If you do not know the date yet you can request your extra goodies at a later date. Only one pack should be requested per sale.

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If you have any problems using the sign up form please email us at


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