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New information to help your baby avoid common infectious illnesses

03 November 2016

Bliss has released new information on common infectious illnesses.

The new information is designed to help parents of babies born premature or sick to recognise signs and symptoms of illness in their baby, and provides practical tips on where to get help, and how to help avoid the spread of certain illnesses.

Previously issued as a print publication under the title Common winter illnesses, this new and updated information is available anytime anywhere on our website. You can also download a PDF from this page.

This update is part of our ongoing review of all our information. For the latest updates and new information, please like us on Facebook.

Bliss is also supporting the More Than a Cold campaign with TAMBA, NCT, and other organisations and charities. The campaign, organised by biopharmaceutical company AbbVie, runs during the winter months to promote awareness of bronchiolitis, a lung condition which is common in babies and young children.

You can find out more about bronchiolitis via our newly updated Common infectious illnesses webpage.

Common infectious illnesses is sponsored by AbbVie. The sponsors had no role in the scope assessment, preparation, writing, feedback collection, or decision to publish this information.


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