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Baby in hospital cot

Bliss campaigns for the best care and support for premature and sick babies and their families. Join us: together we can make lasting change to improve the life chances of vulnerable babies and empower families to give their children the best start. 

Josie Anderson
19 March 2018

Services in Northern Ireland are under pressure

Bliss and TinyLife have released their baby report Northern 2018 which has shown neonatal services across the country are under pressure. Over half of units do not have enough doctors or nurses in post to meet standards. Read More

Beth McCleverty
13 December 2017

Families kept apart in Scotland

In Scotland, families are frequently faced with extra costs while their baby is in neonatal care. Write to your MSP to ask them to act now! Read More

Josie Anderson
17 July 2017

Scottish services under pressure

Baby being held by their parent

The latest report from Bliss Scotland shows that neonatal services in Scotland do not have enough doctors or nurses to meet standards, and that there's not enough support available to keep parents with their baby. Read More

Josie Anderson
17 July 2017

Families kept apart: take action now

Mum tube feeding baby

Find out about our new policy report - Families kept apart: barriers to parents' involvement in their baby's hospital care, which has found a widespread lack of facilities and support for parents at neonatal units across England Read More

Helen Kirrane
17 July 2017

Welsh services under strain. Call for change now.

Services for premature and sick babies in Wales are facing critical staffing shortages, putting babies’ safety and long-term health at risk. Find out more about our findings and join our call for change now. Read More

Helen Kirrane
27 October 2016

Neonatal transport

New Bliss report reveals neonatal transport services across the UK under pressure. See our research findings and how you can support our call for change. Read More