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Bliss offers a wide range of free services for the families of premature and sick babies.

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Amelia Jones
13 February 2018


Woman on mobile phone

The Bliss helpline is a UK wide confidential volunteer led telephone and email service that offers support to families whose baby is in or has been in neonatal care. Read More

Julia Chaplin
09 August 2016

Netmums forum

The Bliss and Netmums forum for premature and sick babies is a place for families to share experiences and get peer support. Read More

Eileen Irvin
18 May 2017

Young parents

If you are a young parent of a premature or sick baby and need support, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We are here to help. Read More

Julia Chaplin
13 December 2017

Support in your area

The Bliss network of volunteers in your local area can provide support for families following the birth of your premature or sick baby. Read More

Julia Chaplin
01 June 2017

Support in other languages

Bliss can provide support in many languages to families of premature and sick babies. Read More

Amelia Jones
09 August 2017

Useful organisations

Mum with her baby on the neonatal unit

Here is a list of other organisations that can help families who have a premature or sick baby. Read More