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Before you leave

Note: The information featured on this page is currently under review, and will be updated in due course. Please ensure that you speak with your health care professional about any queries you may have about the issues covered here.

As well as getting to know your baby, it is important to make sure you are completely confident with providing your baby’s care. For example:

  • Do you know how to make your baby comfortable and reassured?
  • Do you know how to give your baby a bath?
  • Have you been shown how to give your baby medication?
  • Have you been shown how to use any specialist equipment?
  • If you are expressing or bottle feeding, do you know how to sterilise bottles and make up your baby’s feeds?
  • Have you received resuscitation training?
  • Do you know how to monitor and control temperature?
  • Are you aware of techniques to prevent cot death?
  • Do you have enough information and support to breastfeed?

If you don’t feel sure about any aspect of your baby’s care, ask staff on the unit – they will be happy to help you.


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