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The FINE programme

A mum holding her baby

The Family and Infant Neurodevelopmental Education (FINE) programme is a unique educational pathway in family-centred developmental care that is suitable for all disciplines in any neonatal centre. FINE offers high quality training in this approach which supports and improves the outcomes for babies and families in neonatal care.

The programme includes the following themes:

  • pre-term and newborn neurodevelopment
  • parent/infant relationships and the parental journey
  • observing and understanding infant behaviour
  • managing stress and pain
  • sensorimotor experience in the neonatal unit
  • baby-led feeding
  • and kangaroo care

Find out about the two different levels in the FINE curriculum and see when the latest training is taking place below. View our other training and development opportunities for healthcare professionals.

Eileen Irvin
27 March 2018

FINE Level 1: Foundation Toolkit

FINE Level 1: Foundation Toolkit introduces the scope of family-centred developmental care and the evidence that supports it. This is a two day course with presentations, demonstrations and interactive workshops. Read More

Sarah Jackson
27 March 2018

FINE Level 2: Practical Skills

FINE Level 2: Practical Skills is spread over 12 weeks and builds on the learning from the Foundation Toolkit training. The first half of the course is devoted to behavioural observation and the second half integrates this into the caregiving context. Read More