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Supporting families 2016/17

Supporting parents to be as involved as possible in the care and decision making for their babies

In 2016/17

  • Bliss’ information for families was accessed almost 280,000 times. And we updated three vital pieces of information
  • Over 6,200 people were given one-to-one support by Bliss, either face-to-face or via our helpline (that’s almost 1,000 more families than we were able to help last year)
  • We also trained volunteers in four areas of the UK this year

This means more parents with babies on the neonatal unit had access to essential information and vital emotional support when, and where, they needed it.

Why is this important?

In a recent Bliss survey parents told us they really need the information and support we provide.

  • 92 per cent of people said they wanted to better understand their baby’s situation when they were born 
  • 93 per cent of these said that Bliss provided them with useful information on this
  • 81 per cent of people also said that Bliss’ information helped them to feel more confident as a parent
  • 89 per cent of people said they wanted emotional support when their baby was born
  • 73 per cent of these said that being supported by a Bliss Champion on the neonatal unit provided them with this

How does it make a difference?

“I felt the doctors and nurses were all my daughter Alice needed and I was just an inconvenience. But, sitting by her bedside, I started to read Bliss publications. I realised that other parents might feel like me. This allowed me to open up to other mums. Without Bliss I would not have made the brave move to discuss my feelings, as I’d felt highly ashamed. Bliss allowed me to feel normal.”
- Tiffany Thomas, mum to Alice born at 24 weeks

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