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Supporting professionals 2016/17

Health professional with baby in hospital

Supporting neonatal health professionals to deliver high quality family-centred care and to involve parents actively in their baby’s care

In 2016/17

  • Bliss trained health professionals from a quarter of UK neonatal units.
  • Around 60 per cent of neonatal units are now working towards The Bliss Baby Charter standard of excellence, which helps units to drive up and maintain the quality of care given to premature and sick babies.
  • Through the Bliss Baby Charter many units have already made improvements to the care they deliver. Two units are now Bliss Baby Charter accredited – setting the standard for exceptional care for babies.

This means up to 27,000 babies are likely to be benefitting from improved care thanks to the Bliss Baby Charter*

*Calculated using average admission rates at those units taking part in their second audit or beyond.

Why is this important?

Family-centred care is proven to have better outcomes for babies. Watch our video to find out more.

How does it make a difference?

“The hospital caring for Miles gained Bliss accreditation whilst he was being cared for. Family involvement in care and decision making, including positive touch, changing clothes and nappies, bathing, feeding (including feeding with the use of the NG tube) was of paramount importance and Bliss standards assisted the hospital in being able to deliver this. As parents this allowed us to feel closer to our baby, more confident to ask questions and be involved in decisions regarding his care, and ultimately on the day it came to us leaving for home we felt confident in looking after him.”
- Victoria Gamble, mum to Miles born at 30 weeks

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