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Top tips for a great bake sale

Cupcake illustation

Every year we call on our supporters to Bake for Bliss and hold a bake sale to raise lots of dough for babies born premature or sick.

Whether you have a sale planned, or are thinking of organising your own Bake for Bliss sale, we thought we'd share eight top tips for holding a great sale from our amazing bakers:

  1. Ask your work place for a contribution - mine were very generous.
  2. Do a sale at work, home and at school. The more places the better!
  3. Ask for help. So many people baked I didn't need to bake anything myself!
  4. Advertise well in advance so that people bring money to work. Send a reminder about your sale on the day too
  5. Have as many sellers as possible for the first 20 to 30 minute rush.
  6. Have a vareity of cakes, including dairy-free and gluten-free options.
  7. Take wrap and packaging for cakes.
  8. You can never have enough chocolate!

kitchen utensils

Materials to Download

Bake for Bliss poster

Bake for Bliss invites

Bake for Bliss labels

Bake for Bliss bunting

Bake for Bliss pricing your bakes

Putting those tips into practice

Fundraiser Nicholas Watts put some of these tips into practice when he organised his very own bake sale at work which ended up raising a whopping £882 for Bliss. That certainly is a lot of cake!

Nicholas Watts and baker Sharon

We would love if if you could take part in Bake for Bliss and join amazing fundraisers like Nicholas in raising money for babies born premature or sick.


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